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Wood stores __________________ energy.
a) thermal
b) chemical
c) electromagnetic
d) mechanical

Energy captured in panels and photovoltaic cells makes us of what energy?
a) wind energy
b) hydroelectric energy
c) solar energy
d) biomass

The ___________ we eat gives our bodies energy.
a) sun
b) garbage
c) food
d) fossil fuels

The sun's energy begins as...
a) chemical energy
b) nuclear energy
c) radiant energy
d) electromagnetic energy

Fossil fuels store ______________ potential energy.
a) elastic
b) gravitational
c) chemical
d) kinetic

Which activity uses electricity?
a) rowing a boat
b) stretching a rubber band
c) playing snap circuits
d) walking a dog

Vibrations cause
a) renewable resources
b) air pollution
c) light
d) sound

Kinetic energy involves
a) chemicals
b) movement
c) nucleus of an atom
d) stored energy

Which is NOT potential energy?
a) a book on a bookshelf
b) an apple hanging from a tree
c) a dog running
d) a stretched rubber band

T or F Fossil fuels can cause large amounts of pollution.
a) True
b) False

energy sources that can be replaced rather quickly
a) reviewable
b) renewable
c) nonrenewable
d) fossil fuels

The only renewable resource in the list
a) nuclear energy
b) wind
c) oil
d) coal

Heat energy is also called...
a) conduction energy
b) radiation energy
c) mechanical energy
d) thermal energy

not an example of KE
a) frog leaping
b) wind blowing a leaf
c) a cup sitting on a parked car
d) water moving toward the shore

Light is an example of ____________ energy.
a) chemical
b) radiant
c) mechanical
d) potential

potential energy
a) stored
b) moving
c) kinetic
d) person running

Biomass does not include which one?
a) animal waste
b) plants
c) coal
d) wood

A hairdryer converts ______________ energy to thermal energy.
a) mechanical
b) sound
c) chemical
d) electrical

Another word for petroleum
a) oil
b) natural gas
c) methane
d) coal

Which is not renewable?
a) hydropower
b) biomass
c) wind
d) oil

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