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The process of becoming a citizen is called-
a) specialization
b) naturalization
c) radicalization
d) natural selection

What is the Preamble?
a) The beginning of the Declaration of Independence
b) the end of the Bill of Right
c) the goals and purposes at the beginning of the US Constitution
d) the goals and purposes at the end of the US Constitution

Which document DID NOT influence the US Constitution?
a) VA Constitution
b) Charters of the VA company of London
c) Declaration of Independence
d) VA Declaration of Rights

Which is NOT in the Preamble?
a) Justice
b) Empathy
c) Welfare
d) Tranquility

Apathy Means-
a) You care about something
b) You don't care about something
c) You are sick
d) You are old

Which headline is an example of holding the government accountable?
a) Governor Announces New Park
b) President Gives a Speech
c) Mayor Charged With Corruption
d) Juvenile Sentenced for Vandalism

Which amendment defines citizenship?
a) 1st
b) 5th
c) 14th
d) 16th

Which is not a strategy to evaluate campaign info?
a) Separating fact from opinion
b) Recognizing bias
c) Identifying propaganda
d) Voting

a) Distributes money equally among candidates
b) Raises money for charity
c) Raises money for their particular candidate
d) Raises money for their representatives

The Electoral College -
a) Selects the governor for each state
b) Selects the Vice President
c) Selects the President and Vice President
d) Educates people on campaign issues

Media, interest groups, and individuals influence-
a) Political processes
b) Each other
c) The Electoral College
d) Public policy

The media-
a) Counts the votes
b) Runs for office
c) Emphasize selected issues
d) Votes

Political parties-
a) Count the votes
b) Help candidates win
c) Help candidates not win
d) Hold the government accountable

Which amendment protects you from state government?
a) 1st
b) 5th
c) 14th
d) 16th

First amendment freedoms are NOT absolute meaning-
a) You can do or say whatever you want
b) You can't do or say whatever you want.
c) The government loves you
d) The government protects the people

Which is NOT part of the Naturalization process?
a) Taking a civics test
b) Learning English
c) Being employed
d) Learning basic math

Which is NOT a responsibility?
a) Voting
b) Community Service
c) Military draft
d) Volunteering

Which is NOT a civic duty?
a) Paying taxes
b) Voting
c) Obeying the law
d) Serving on a jury

Which is NOT a part of the First Amendment?
a) Religion
b) Voting
c) Speech
d) Petition

Which document inspired the Bill of Rights?
a) VA Declaration of Rights
b) Declaration of Independence
c) Articles of Confederation
d) Charters of VA Co of London

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