Group 2 Vocabulary Question Preview (ID: 39151)


Gait means
a) how something or someone walks
b) to fill up with air
c) a booger
d) unchanging

Hover means
a) to fill up with air
b) to remain suspended over
c) to proceed
d) to travel

Inflate means
a) to hover
b) how someone walks
c) to fall off
d) to fill up with air

Mobile means
a) able to move, adapt or change in appearance
b) to inflate
c) a park with homes in it
d) a mall

Motion means
a) Movement
b) to fall off
c) to inflate
d) to hover

what word is spelled correctly?
a) stationary
b) stattionary
c) statainary
d) stationery

a) is a great re\freshing drink
b) means to move forward
c) to turn around
d) how you or someone else walks

shed means
a) to fall off or take off
b) to revolve
c) to change
d) to travel

What sentence is used correctly for the word WEND
a) And cows wend homeward to the bails.
b) I will wend tomorrow
c) what?
d) WHOA?

wend means
a) fill up with air
b) to proceed or travel
c) to fall
d) to shed

which word is spelled correctly?
a) revolvee
b) relove
c) revolve
d) reevvolve

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