French Unit Recon C Part One Question Preview (ID: 39143)


Je veux bien
a) I would like to
b) I would not like to
c) I would love to
d) I would hate to

Je ne peux pas
a) I will
b) I can not
c) I can
d) I wont

Pas possible
a) it's possible
b) it's not possible
c) impossible
d) possible

ma mère
a) brother
b) dad
c) mom
d) sister

a) not
b) no
c) yes
d) yet

mon père
a) mom
b) sister
c) brother
d) dad

faire mes devoirs
a) do my homework
b) do my quiz
c) do my project
d) do my test

la fête (teuf)
a) party
b) home
c) cafe
d) mall

je dois
a) I must
b) I will
c) I want
d) I can

a) to go
b) to do
c) to play
d) to think

les devoirs (m)
a) test
b) project
c) homework
d) quiz

a) see you later
b) bye
c) ok
d) goodbye

un contrôle
a) quiz
b) project
c) test
d) homework

a) is
b) this is
c) there is
d) where is

a) to the
b) go to
c) and
d) the

a) going
b) stopping
c) where
d) to go

On Va
a) lets go
b) want to come
c) are we going?
d) when are we going?

a) to help
b) im helping
c) help
d) helpless

a) to
b) I
c) and
d) um

a) not helping
b) lazy
c) to help
d) helping

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