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How do atoms combine chemically?
a) By sharing, accepting, or donating electrons
b) By joining nuclei
c) By one atom destroying another and taking all its protons.
d) They don't bond at all.

Horizontal rows in the periodic table are called what?
a) Groups
b) Columns
c) Periods
d) Stacks

The _________ of an atom is made up of Protons and Neutrons
a) Electron Shell
b) Nucleus
c) Eletrons
d) Plant Cell

C9H8O4 has how many carbon atoms?
a) 4
b) 7
c) 8
d) 9

All living things are made up of all of the following elements EXCEPT:
a) Oxygen
b) Carbon
c) Boron
d) Hydrogen

________ has a positive charge.
a) Nuetron
b) Proton
c) Electron
d) Megatron

Which two elements produce the water compound?
a) Hydrogen and Oxygen
b) Oxygen and Helium
c) Sodium and Phosphorus
d) Sulphur and Flourine

What are the two major elements that make up the Earth's Crust?
a) Nitrogen and Oxygen
b) Oxygen and Hydrogen
c) Carbon and Nitrogen
d) Aluminum and Silicon

The ability of water molecules to stick together is called what?
a) Adhesion
b) Glueification
c) Cohesion
d) Oxydation

What is known as the universal solvent?
a) Coca Cola
b) Acid
c) Milk
d) Water

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