Waves Review #6 Question Preview (ID: 39134)

Math Review For Waves.

If frequency = 0.5Hz and wave speed = 5cm/s, what is wavelength?
a) 0.5cm
b) 2cm
c) 5cm
d) 10cm

1 / period = ?
a) amplitude
b) wavelength
c) wave speed
d) frequency

If wavelength = 3cm and wave speed = 15cm/s, what is frequency?
a) 1Hz
b) 3Hz
c) 5Hz
d) 15Hz

wavelength x frequency =?
a) amplitude
b) wave speed
c) period
d) node

If period = 10, what is the frequency?
a) 0.1Hz
b) 1Hz
c) 10Hz
d) 100HZ

wave speed = ? x frequency
a) amplitude
b) period
c) wavelength
d) node

if frequency = 10Hz and wavelength = 0.2cm, what is wave speed
a) 0.2cm/s
b) 2cm/s
c) 5cm/s
d) 10cm/s

wavelength = wave speed / ?
a) frequency
b) period
c) amplitude
d) node

1 / frequency =
a) amplitude
b) period
c) wave speed
d) wavelength

What symbol goes in the blank: wavelength = wave speed ____ frequency
a) /
b) x
c) +
d) -

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