Wave Review #5 Question Preview (ID: 39133)

Simple Math Review For Waves.

If wave speed = 2cm/s and wavelength = 0.5 cm, solve for frequency.
a) 0.5Hz
b) 2Hz
c) 4Hz
d) 8Hz

If wave speed = 14cm/s and wavelength = 2cm, solve for FREQUENCY.
a) 28 Hz
b) 14Hz
c) 7Hz
d) 2Hz

If wavespeed = 12 cm/s and frequency = 6Hz, find WAVELENGTH
a) 0.5cm
b) 2cm
c) 6cm
d) 12cm

If wave speed = 12 cm/s and frequency = 4Hz, solve for WAVELENGTH.
a) 3cm
b) 4cm
c) 12cm
d) 48cm

If wave speed = 10cm/s and frequency = 2Hz, solve for WAVELENGTH
a) 2 cm
b) 5 cm
c) 10 cm
d) 20 cm

If frequency = 0.5Hz and wavelength = 8cm, solve for wave speed.
a) 0.5cm/s
b) 4cm/s
c) 8cm/s
d) 16cm/s

If frequency = 6Hz and wavelength = 0.5cm, solve for wave speed.
a) 0.5cm/s
b) 3cm/s
c) 6cm/s
d) 12cm/s

If frequency = 2Hz and wavelength = 4cm, solve for speed
a) 2 cm/s
b) 4 cm/s
c) 0.5 cm/s
d) 8 cm/s

If wave speed = 10 and wavelength = 0.2cm, solve for frequency.
a) 0.2Hz
b) 0.5Hz
c) 10Hz
d) 50Hz

If frequency = 0.2Hz, what is the period?
a) 2 seconds
b) 4 seconds
c) 5 seconds
d) 10 seconds

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