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Plant And Animal Reproduction.[print questions]

How many parts to a plant are there?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Along with mammals, what other group of animals breaths with lungs?
a) fish
b) birds
c) amphibians
d) both birds and amphibians

Which one is not a group of reptiles?
a) skinks and salamanders
b) alligators and crocodiles
c) turtles and tortioses
d) snakes and lizards

Plants have the ability to make their own food. What are they called?
a) Producers
b) Consumers
c) Herbiovres
d) Carnivores

Which of these consumers eats meat?
a) herbivore
b) omnivore
c) thermovore
d) carnivore

What are the four needs of plants?
a) air, water, shelter, soil
b) air, water, soil, sunlight
c) air, water, sunlight, shelter
d) air, water, food, sunlight

Internal Fertilization happens in which animal groups?
a) mammals, birds, reptiles
b) fish and amphibians
c) amphibians and mammals
d) birds and fish

What are fish and reptiles covered with?
a) scales
b) feathers
c) hair/fur
d) skin

What is special about an amphibians skin?
a) its all black
b) they don't have skin
c) they can breath through it
d) it is hard

What has to fertilize what in animal reproduction?
a) Pollen fertilizes the ovary
b) sperm fertilizes the egg
c) stamen fertilizes the pistil
d) pollen fertilizes the seed

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