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1 / Period = ?
a) amplitude
b) frequency
c) wavelength
d) wave speed

The points on a standing wave that move the most
a) crest
b) trough
c) period
d) anti-node

If you were siting on the beach and watching the ocean, what is the medium those waves travel through?
a) space
b) air
c) water
d) sand

The material through which a wave travels
a) medium
b) light
c) space
d) sound

The height of the wave, measured from rest point to the crest
a) wavelengh
b) amplitude
c) frequency
d) trough

The length of the wave, or the distance crest to crest
a) amplitude
b) crest
c) wavelength
d) frequency

What measures the number of seconds it takes a wave to complete one full cycle?
a) wave
b) period
c) speed
d) amplitude

What does a wave transfer?
a) Water
b) Matter
c) Bacon
d) Energy

wavelength = ? / frequency
a) amplitude
b) period
c) wave speed
d) anti-node

Lowest point of the wave
a) trough
b) amplitude
c) crest
d) wavelength

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