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Plate Tectonics.[print questions]

A mountain range is the result of which type of boundary interaction?
a) divergent boundary between two continental plates
b) convergent boundary between two continental plates
c) divergent boundary between a continental and an oceanic plate
d) convergent boundary between a continental plate and an oceanic plate

Oceanic crust is denser than continental crust. So when the two meet, oceanic crust subducts under continental crust. This fact BEST supports which claim?
a) the hardest rocks are in the oceanic crust
b) the hardest rocks are in the continental crust
c) the oldest rocks are in the oceanic crust
d) the oldest rocks are in the continental crust

Infiltration is the process of water
a) filtering into the ground, effecting the rocks below
b) flowing into the river, tumbling the sediments in the river
c) absorbing into the air, drying out the rocks
d) falling as rain, breaking down the rocks as it lands

Near which geologic structure are the youngest rocks on Earth found?
a) kettle hole
b) normal fault
c) active volcano
d) glacial striation

Some of the oldest rock fragments on Earth’s surface are in Western Australia. The rock fragments contain zircon crystals which enabled scientists to date the rock. Which claim is MOST likely true about zircon crystals?
a) they contain iron
b) they contain uranium
c) they are relatively soft
d) they are relatively reactive

In the nitrogen cycle, nitrogen moves through different processes in various reservoirs on Earth. During nitrogen fixation, bacteria
a) convert nitrogen from the atmosphere into ammonia in soil reservoirs
b) convert nitrogen from soil reservoirs into ammonia in the atmosphere
c) release nitrogen gas into the atmosphere reservoir from nitrates in the soil reservoirs
d) break down nitrogen gas from biosphere reservoirs to release into the atmosphere reservoir

Active fault lines, such as the San Andreas Fault in California, are MOST often the cause of which of the following natural hazards?
a) landslides
b) earthquakes
c) coastal erosion
d) volcanic eruptions

Where would most divergent plate boundaries be located?
a) along two continental plates grinding along side each other
b) along the crests of oceanic ridges
c) at plate margins where oceanic crust is being pushed downward into the mantle
d) where oceanic crust meets continental crust

A volcanic island arc can be found at which type of plate boundary?
a) divergent oceanic-oceanic
b) convergent oceanic- oceanic
c) divergent continental-oceanic
d) convergent continental- oceanic

When carbon from decayed organic matter is deposited as __________ , it takes a long time before the carbon becomes buried.
a) gases
b) salt molecules
c) sediment
d) liquids

The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is __________ at a rate of about 2.5cm per year.
a) converging
b) creating submarine canyons
c) spreading
d) creating hot spots

With the carbon cycle, which of the following would NOT be a carbon reservoir?
a) atmosphere
b) ocean
c) biomass
d) electricity

What is happening when an earthquake occurs on a convergent plate boundary?
a) two plates are colliding together
b) two plates are dividing apart
c) two plates are grinding past each other in a side-by-side motion
d) two plates move together to form a mid-ocean ridge

Metamorphic rock is made by which one of the following dynamic processes?
a) compaction and cementing of sediments
b) subjection of rocks to heat and pressure
c) cooling of magma
d) exposure of rocks to wind and rain

A tectonic plate boundary that occurs when two plates grind past each other without the production or destruction of lithosphere is a __________.
a) convergeng boundary
b) transform fault boundary
c) divergent boundary
d) major plate

A piece of rock is found to be less dense than water. Analysis of the rock shows that it has small holes throughout it, likely the result of the rapid escape of gases from the source of the rock. What type of rock is this most likely to be?
a) sedimentary
b) igneous
c) metamorphic
d) crystalline

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