Unit 4 Vocabulary Question Preview (ID: 39113)

Unit 4 Fractions.[print questions]

What is the solution to a multiplication problem called?
a) Product
b) Quotient
c) Sum
d) Difference

Two numbers whose product is 1, can be found by inverting the fraction.
a) product
b) Denominator
c) Reciprocal
d) Numerator

The solution to a division problem.
a) Differnce
b) Sum
c) Product
d) Quotient

Way of representing a part of a whole.
a) Fraction
b) Numerator
c) Denominator
d) Whole number

fraction with a numerator greater than its denominator
a) mixed number
b) improper fraction
c) fraction
d) numerator

number with an integer part and a fraction part
a) quotient
b) fraction
c) reciprocal
d) Mixed number

the quality above the line in a fraction number that tells how many equal parts are described by the fraction
a) numerator
b) denominator
c) mixed number
d) product

a step-by-step solution to a problem
a) denominator
b) algorithm
c) fraction
d) decimal point

a number using base ten, contains a decimal point
a) algorithm
b) fraction
c) denominator
d) Decimal

the quantity below the line in a fraction, number of equal parts into which a whole is divided
a) denominator
b) numerator
c) mixed number
d) reciprocal

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