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Who has concurrent powers?
a) only the president
b) both the state governments and the national government
c) only the state governments
d) only Congress

Where state law conflicts with national law, national law prevails due to
a) federalism.
b) full faith and credit
c) the Tenth Amendment.
d) the supremacy clause.

Which of the following best describes the powers explicitly granted to state governments by the Constitution?
a) State governments were given the enumerated powers.
b) State governments were given the expressed powers.
c) State government powers are not explicitly spelled out in the Constitution.
d) The powers granted to the state governments are spelled out in Article V of the Constitution.

Which of the following is the best example of devolution?
a) block grants, by which money from the national government is given to the states for discretionary use with broad guidelines
b) the McCulloch v Maryland case, which allowed the federal government to maintain a national bank
c) civil rights legislation mandating that states not discriminate
d) the federal tax code, which provides deductions for local charities

Which of the following is a concurrent power?
a) conducting war
b) establishing federal courts
c) coining money.
d) taxation

Which type of government derives all of its power from the states?
a) socialist
b) a confederation
c) federalist
d) unitary

Article I, section 8 gives Congress the power to pass all laws necessary and proper to carrying out its enumerated powers. This clause is also known as the
a) enumerated powers clause.
b) expressed powers clause.
c) implied powers clause.
d) full faith and credit clause.

All of the following Supreme Court cases dealt with the issue of federalism EXCEPT
a) Plessy v Ferguson
b) McCulloch v Maryland
c) Gibbons v Ogden
d) Miranda v Arizona

New Deal programs led to an era of ____________ federallism.
a) marble cake
b) dual
c) upside down cake
d) unilateral

Under the Constitution, governments are prohibited from passing
a) economic regulations.
b) writs of habeas corpus.
c) revenue measures.
d) ex post facto laws.

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