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Magnetism is a type of______
a) Force
b) Book
c) Plant
d) Animal

When two magnets attract they...
a) Come together
b) Push apart
c) Split in half
d) Do nothing

If you cut a magnet in half what happens to the poles?
a) One half gets the north and one half gets the south
b) One half gets a south pole and the other gets nothing
c) Each half gets a north and south pole
d) Nothing the poles remain the same

The strongest part of a magnet is...
a) The poles
b) The middle
c) The sides
d) There is no strongest part

A north pole and a north pole will...
a) Repel
b) Atract
c) Do nothing
d) Create an electric current

A coil that is magnetized only when an electric current goes through it is called.
a) An electromagnet
b) A battery
c) An electric motor
d) A generator

You can make an electromagnet with which of the following?
a) A nail, battery, and wire
b) An electric current
c) A compass and a battery
d) A turbine and a nail

The build up of charges on an object is called...
a) Static electricity
b) Magnetism
c) Direct current
d) Alternating current

Materials through which a charge can flow are called
a) Conductors
b) Insulators
c) Resistors
d) Magnets

A complete, unbroken path through which electric charges can flow is a(n)
a) A circuit
b) A magnet
c) An electromagnet
d) A battery

Magnetic field lines around a bar magnet......
a) spread out from one pole and curve around to the other.
b) Are only positive
c) Only come out of the north pole
d) Only come out of the south pole

Magnetic field lines that curve away from each other show ___.
a) Repulsion
b) Attraction
c) Compass
d) Domains

The type of electrical current a battery uses...
a) Direct current
b) Alternating current
c) Magnetic current
d) Positive current

A compass always points...
a) To magnetic north
b) To magnetic south
c) To the ground
d) To where you need to go

Surrounding every magnet is a __________ _________
a) Magnetic field
b) Magnetic force
c) Magnetic domain
d) Magnetic pole

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