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Which type of organism can make their own food?
a) Homeostatic organisms
b) Heterotrophs
c) Autotrophs
d) Small living things

What is the ability to maintain internal balance called?
a) Autotroph
b) Stimulus
c) Homeostasis
d) Respiration

Which of the following are a response to a change in the environment?
a) cells and DNA
b) Hibernation and Migration
c) Metabolism and Hibernation
d) Respiration and Homeostasis

What gas is required (needed) for animals to make energy available during respiration?
a) Carbon Dioxide
b) Oxygen
c) Carbon dioxide and oxygen
d) Water

The smallest unit that can carry out life processes is
a) an organism
b) a cell
c) a virus
d) an organ system

Which process makes energy available for the cell/organism ot use?
a) Respiration
b) Metabolism
c) Stimulus
d) Excretion

Which of the following is a multicellular organism?
a) A bacterium
b) Human muscle tissue
c) respiratory system
d) a human

Which characteristic helps an entire species to survive over time?
a) The fact that living things are made of one or more cells
b) Ability to use energy
c) Ability to reproduce
d) Needing water and gases

Which is NOT a characteristic of all living things?
a) Using energy
b) Grow and develop
c) Eat other organisms to obtain energy
d) Reproduce

Which is NOT needed by all organisms to carry out life processes?
a) soil
b) food/energy source
c) water
d) gases

What is metabolism?
a) Process used in cells to make energy
b) All of the chemical reactions/ chemical activities in an organism
c) Movement of food throughout the cell
d) The process of consuming food

What is a unicellular organism?
a) An organism that forms a larger, multicellular organism
b) An organism made of one cell that relies on processes of other cells for surival
c) An organism made of only one cell that can perform all processes necessary for surival
d) An organism made of many different types of cells

What is the correct order from LEAST to MOST complex?
a) cell, organ system, organ, tissue
b) organ, system, tissue, cell
c) tissue, cell, organ, organ system
d) cell, tissue, organ, organ system

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