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CE.3e = How Civic And Social Duties Address Community Needs An Serve The Public Good CE.4a-g = Personal Character Traits And Thoughtful Decision Making.[print questions]

Susan went to the movies. Durig the film, the man behind her repeatedly used a cell phone. She quietly asked the man to turn off the phone. What trait did Susan model for the man on the phone?
a) Accountability
b) Responsibility
c) Coutesty
d) Honesty

A person who tolerates differences is displaying which trait of good citizens?
a) Respect for the law
b) Self-reliance
c) Respect for the rights of others
d) Accountability

Rachel felt confient that she had the skills to solve the problems on her own. What trait is rachel demonstrating?S
a) Self-reliance
b) Accountability
c) Responsibility
d) Courtesy

Maya volunteered to referee youth soccer games in the county park? Which characteristic of good citizenship did Maya demonstrate?
a) Patriotism
b) Trustworthiness and honest
c) Respect fo the rights of others
d) Service to local commuity

In thoughtful decision-making, what is the NEXT step after formulating questions?
a) Analyzing information from a variety of sources
b) Devising a plan
c) Implementing a plan
d) Expressing a position

A democratic society requires -
a) government to control the economic decisions
b) the active participation of its citizens
c) traditions to be used when making decisions
d) government officials to be allowed to break the law

Which of the following is a way for citizens to participate in community service?
a) Volunteering at a nursing home
b) Serve on a jury

Which of the following is a way for citizens to participate in community service?
a) Particiapte in Clean the Bay Day
b) Get a job and pay taxes

Which of the following is a way for citizens to participate in community service?
a) Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity to make homes for those in need
b) Wash the dishes for your parents

Jim loves to visit his local park to hang out with his friends. Lately, he noticed the park is filled with trash. What can Jim and his friends do to help the community?
a) Organize and particpate in a clean-up day
b) Start visiting another park
c) Just deal with it
d) Play with the trash

If you have an interest in politics which of the following would be a good place to volunteer?
a) A political campaign
b) A nursing home
c) A local church
d) A sports program for younger children

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