Trino's Choice-Chapters 1-5 Vocabulary Question Preview (ID: 39093)


a quick look at something
a) glimpse
b) gnaw
c) defiance
d) gasps

breaths that are suddenly drawn in, usually from pain or surprise
a) gnaw
b) glimpse
c) gasps
d) defiance

resistance; refusal to obey
a) defiance
b) gasps
c) glimpsed
d) gnaw

to bite off or chew on
a) glimpse
b) gasped
c) gnaw
d) defiance

a fixed, steady look; gazed
a) suspense
b) intense
c) hassles
d) gazed

arguments, fights, or disagreements
a) intense
b) hassles
c) suspense
d) gazed

to a strong degree; deeply felt
a) gazed
b) suspense
c) hassles
d) intense

excitement about an upcoming event, especially in a book, movie, or play
a) hassles
b) suspense
c) gazed
d) intense

Where does Trino hide out when he was being chased?
a) Walmart
b) Dollar Store
c) Book store
d) Library

Who catches Trino's attention?
a) Rosa
b) Annette
c) Lisana
d) No one

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