Accidental Love-Chapters 1-5 Vocabulary Question Preview (ID: 39087)

Vocabulary From Chapters 1-5.[print questions]

Who is main character of the story?
a) Marisa
b) Rene
c) Roberto
d) Ana

was unable to understand or explain something; very confused
a) mystified
b) retract
c) gangly
d) interjected

unusually tall and thin
a) mystified
b) interjected
c) gangly
d) retract

interrupt a conversation with a sudden statement
a) gangly
b) mystified
c) interjected
d) retract

to take something back
a) retract
b) interjected
c) gangly
d) mystified

smaller than usual size
a) appealed
b) admonished
c) subside
d) miniature

to become less or settle down
a) subside
b) miniature
c) appealed
d) admonished

scolded for bad behavior
a) appealed
b) miniature
c) admonished
d) subside

attracted or interested in someone or something
a) miniature
b) appealed
c) admonished
d) subside

What school does Marisa and Rene attend?
a) Washington
b) Yucca
c) Lincoln Heights
d) Dimmitt

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