Virginia Civics And Economics Question Preview (ID: 39079)

First Test, A Little Crappy Though.

US History?
a) //
b) Russia
c) USA
d) China

a) //
b) Is in the U.S.
c) Is in Canada

Federal government promoting business.
a) //
b) Prohibit monopolies
c) Tarrifs

Board of Supervisiors meeting at 10 am, Is this local county?
a) //
b) Yes
c) No
d) Maybe

Example of propriotership
a) //
b) Ship
c) Government
d) State

Lawsuit held against major store.
a) //
b) Civil Rights
c) Employee Rights
d) Property Rights

Best government action for buisnesses
a) //
b) Balance budget
c) Lower Taxes

US History
a) //
b) In the U.S.
c) In Canada

1. Stong work ethic 2. Computer literacy 3. Positive attitude
a) //
b) National job requirements
c) Outdated skills due to technological advancement

George Washington
a) //
b) USA
c) Canada
d) Caused the Civil War.

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