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Geothermal means heat from the...
a) moon
b) Earth
c) sun
d) wind

Which is a nonrenewable resource?
a) solar energy
b) biofuels
c) nuclear energy
d) hydropower

Which is a renewable resource?
a) wind energy
b) coal
c) fossil fuels
d) nuclear energy

KE depends on...
a) height and gravity
b) mass and speed
c) mass and volume
d) mass only

example of GPE (gravitational potential energy)
a) roller coaster at top of hill
b) roller coaster at bottom of hill
c) apple falling from a tree
d) rolling golf ball

Which is not another name for light energy?
a) chemical
b) radiant
c) electromagnetic

example of EPE (elastic potential energy)
a) moving baseball
b) stretched rubber band
c) moving spring
d) rolling marble

Which is not a fossil fuel?
a) coal
b) oil
c) natural gas
d) hydrogen

The nuclear reaction that involves a nucleus splitting or dividing
a) fission
b) fusion
c) confusion
d) the sun

Chemical energy is stored in _____________ that hold _____________ together.
a) compounds, bonds
b) atoms, molecules
c) bonds, compounds
d) bonds, mixtures

What causes sound?
a) empty space
b) vibrations
c) kinetic energy
d) elastic energy

2 types of PE
a) gravitational and energy
b) elastic and kinetic
c) elastic and gravitational
d) kinetic and potential

another name for thermal energy
a) electricity
b) sound
c) light
d) heat

wind and moving water are examples of...
a) chemical energy
b) gravitational energy
c) mechanical energy
d) light energy

Energy is the ability to cause __________________.
a) work
b) chemical
c) change
d) heat

example of radiant or electromagnetic energy
a) sound
b) light
c) wind
d) work

energy of motion
a) kinetic
b) potential
c) sound
d) light

Hydropower, or hydroelectric power makes use of moving...
a) water
b) wind
c) hydrogen
d) the sun's energy

another name for oil
a) methane
b) ethane
c) petroleum
d) coal

can consist of plant material or animal waste; wood is an example of this energy source
a) biomass
b) wood
c) chemical
d) hydroelectric

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