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How many gates are there to paradise?
a) 8
b) 10
c) 100
d) 56

What do Muslims call hell?
a) Jahannah
b) Jahannam
c) Janah
d) Jonah

How do Muslims cross to paradise?
a) Mountain
b) water fall
c) Bridge
d) Lake

Who are the two terrible angels muslims will meet on the day of judgement?
a) Assirat and Surah
b) Devil and evil
c) Nunkar and Surah
d) Munkar and nadir

What is the first gate?
a) Observing Zakat
b) Virtue and Anger
c) Puntual in observing Salaah
d) Annual pilgrimage

Who is denied access to paradise?
a) Animals
b) Women
c) Followers of non-abrahamic religions
d) murderers

If a Muslim is buried in england, which way should they face?
a) North
b) South West
c) West
d) South East

What is the unforgivable crime?
a) Speeding
b) Shirk
c) Anger
d) Drugs

What is the 4th stage of death?
a) Burial
b) Prayers
c) Mourning
d) Washing

What is taqwa?
a) The awareness of allah
b) End of the world
c) the muslims holy book
d) the declaration of faith

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