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Chapter 6 Review.[print questions]

After glycolysis but before the citric acid cycle,
a) coenzyme A is cleaved off pyruvate.
b) pyruvate is oxidized.
c) glucose is split, producing two molecules of pyruvate.
d) a carbon atom is added to pyruvate to make a four-carbon compound.

Bacteria that are unable to survive in the presence of oxygen are called
a) obligate anaerobes.
b) obligate aerobes.
c) aerotolerant anaerobes.
d) facultative anaerobes.

The enzymes of the citric acid cycle are located in the
a) outer mitochondrial membrane.
b) nucleus.
c) cytoplasm.
d) matrix and inner mitochondrial membrane.

Oxidation is the ________, and reduction is the ________.
a) gain of electrons . . . loss of electrons
b) loss of electrons . . . gain of electrons
c) gain of protons . . . loss of protons
d) gain of oxygen . . . loss of oxygen

During cellular respiration, NADH
a) is chemically converted into ATP.
b) is the final electron acceptor.
c) is reduced to form NAD+.
d) delivers its electron load to the first electron carrier molecule.

In fermentation, ________ is ________.
a) NAD+ . . . oxidized
b) NADH . . . oxidized
c) ethanol . . . oxidized
d) NADH . . . reduced

During which of the following phases of cellular respiration does substrate-level phosphorylation take place?
a) oxidative phosphorylation
b) glycolysis
c) the citric acid cycle
d) glycolysis and the citric acid cycle

Which of the following statements about the inner mitochondrial membrane is false?
a) The inner mitochondrial membrane plays a role in the production of pyruvate.
b) Electron carriers are found in the inner mitochondrial membrane.
c) A gradient of H+ exists across the inner mitochondrial membrane.
d) ATP synthase is found in the inner mitochondrial membrane.

Which of the following statements regarding photosynthesis and cellular respiration is true?
a) Photosynthesis occurs in mitochondria, and cellular respiration occurs in chloroplasts.
b) Photosynthesis occurs in mitochondria and in chloroplasts.
c) Cellular respiration occurs in mitochondria and in chloroplasts.
d) Photosynthesis occurs in chloroplasts, and cellular respiration occurs in mitochondria.

Yeasts can produce ATP by either fermentation or oxidative phosphorylation; thus, they are
a) facultative aerobes.
b) strict aerobes.
c) facultative anaerobes.
d) strict anaerobes.

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