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Which BEST represents the use of mechanical energy?
a) a light bulb giving off heat
b) a candle providing light
c) a nail being hammered
d) a can rusting

A student is organizing a room. She moves a box from the floor to a shelf. She wants to estimate the amount of potential energy the box has on the shelf. What information does the student need?
a) Potential energy is the energy of an object due to its position, while kinetic energy is energy due to its motion.
b) Potential energy is the energy of an object due to its motion, while kinetic energy is energy due to its position.

What is the difference between potential energy and kinetic energy?
a) the volume and mass of the box
b) the mass of the shelf and the mass of the box
c) the mass of the box and the height of the shelf
d) the volume of the box and the height of the shelf

An engineer must calculate the potential energy of a roller coaster car at the top of an incline. Which information would BEST help the engineer determine the potential energy of the car?
a) the distance the roller coaster car must travel
b) the mass of the roller coaster car at full capacity
c) the average weight of an empty roller coaster car
d) the direction that the roller coaster car is traveling

A wind power project has been proposed for the coastline in St. Lucie County. Windmills would be used to produce energy by converting wind energy into electricity. Electricity would be produced from which energy of the wind?
a) potential
b) chemical
c) kinetic
d) solar

_______ is literally defined as the ability to make an object move or change
a) energy
b) work
c) power
d) potential

A man is intensely working on his homework... So much that he has done 100 joules of work in 4 seconds. How much power did the man exert?
a) 25 Joules
b) 25 Watts
c) 25 horsepower
d) 20 liters

A rock that falls off a cliff demonstrates both potential and kinetic energy. Which is the BEST comparison of these two forms of energy?
a) As the kinetic energy increases, the potential energy decreases.
b) As the potential energy decreases, the kinetic energy decreases.
c) The amount of kinetic energy is equal to one-half of the potential energy.
d) The amount of potential energy is equal to one-fourth of the kinetic energy.

If Joe does a certain amount of work in a certain amount of time, he is most likely demonstrating which of the following?
a) work
b) energy
c) power
d) kinetic

As the velocity of a runner increases, which type of energy also increases?
a) kinetic
b) potential
c) chemical
d) thermal

While on a movie set, a stuntman jumps off the roof of a building. As he falls toward an airbag, what is INCREASING?
a) gravity
b) wind velocity
c) kinetic energy
d) potential energy

A student applied a force of 200 N to push a box 15 m down the sidewalk. Given the formula, W = F × d, how much work has been done?
a) 300 J
b) 30 J
c) 30000 J
d) 3000 J

Mr. Moyers’ class was studying how work is done on an object. In which situation is the amount of work done on the object equal to zero?
a) A shopper pushes a cart with a broken wheel
b) An apple growing on a tree falls to the ground
c) A person pushes on a heavy box but is unable to move it.
d) An athlete swings a bat in the air without hitting anything.

What kind of energy change occurs when a battery is operating a remote control toy?
a) Heat energy is changed to light energy
b) Light energy is changed to heat energy
c) Potential energy is changed to kinetic energy
d) Kinetic energy is changed to chemical energy

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