Chapter 3 Review Questions Question Preview (ID: 39060)

Special Education Consideration For English Language Learners: Delivering A Continuum Of Services(2nd Edition) By: Else Hamaya, Barabara Marler, Cristina Sanchez-Lopez, And Jack Damico (2007, 2013).[print questions]

True or False: Students learning English and those with disabilities often present with some of the same behaviors in the beginning.
a) True! At times in the beginning, ELL students and students with disabilities will present with disfluencies! (p. 37)
b) False, No because there's no way that could be true!
c) False, they have to be completely different behaviors.

Which of the following documentation would be best to present to the ECOS team as an example of the student's work behavior?
a) A completed checklist
b) A list of notes the intern made about the student
c) Test scores
d) A work sample that demonstrates the child's strengths and weaknesses

Which of the following statements is an example of a challenge statement that a teacher may want to use to describe a student:
a) He just doesn't know any of his math problems
b) He is able to complete the math problems with numbers only, but struggles to complete the word problems and often misses them
c) He is lazy and refuses to complete his work
d) He can't read!

True or False: Statements such as 'They can't read', 'They are not fluent readers' or 'They can't remember things' are desrcriptive statements that help identify specific challenges a student may be having.
a) False, They are general statements that do not describe the challenges the student is having.
b) True.

What is the first step in providing sevices to an ELL student?
a) Put them in the class you see as the best fit
b) Put them with a peer group that will help them
c) Gather information about specific observable challenges by describing the behavarios
d) Begin the RTI process ASAP, because this helps out every student in the long run

What is one reason the authors identified that there may be a higher population of ELL students in Special Education?
a) There behaviors are seen as learning challenges, so they are identified as needing special education services
b) The teachers need more students on their case loads
c) They don't have an ELL program
d) There is no good reason

Which comes first:social language, written language, or math computation?
a) Social Language
b) Written Language
c) Math Computation
d) It all comes at the same time, duh!

Why is it dangerous to use a list?
a) It may bias you to choose an inaccurate observation of a student
b) It makes life really, really easy for everyone
c) Life is all about checking off boxes neatly
d) Lists are silly.

What is the first step in the process of Data Collection?
a) Step 1: Generating an inventory of specific behaviors
b) Step 2: Explaining the observed behaviors

What is the purpose of the ECOS team meeting to discuss the student?
a) To find out the extrinsic causes, then work together identify broad explanations as a team
b) To argue among themselves
c) to come up with a quick solution
d) To ignore everyone else's input

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