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As water moves through the water cycle it may become
a) a solid
b) a liquid
c) a gas
d) all of the other choices

Which of these would be the best model of the sun and Earth?
a) A candle in a dark room next to a bunch of grapes
b) Two light bulbs hanging next to each other from the ceiling
c) A flashlight shining on a spinning basketball
d) A birthday candle on a cupcake next to a wall

Gregor Mendel studied traits of plants. He noticed that the tall pea plants were more common. What type of trait is tall height in pea plants?
a) instinct
b) recessive trait
c) learned behavior
d) dominant trait

How are plant and animal life cycles similar?
a) Development occurs in stages
b) Each cycle begins with an outer shell
c) Each grows toward the sunlight
d) Oxygen is required in each stage

Which of the following statements describe a tundra?
a) A tundra is a beach area rich with fish.
b) A tundra is a mountainous region containing numerous volcanoes.
c) A tundra is a treeless plain of an arctic region.
d) A tundra is a beach area rich with fish.

What might be the main advantage of a spider building a web?
a) Find a mate
b) Catch food
c) Protection from wind
d) Distract birds

If people need to wear eyeglasses to help them read, the lenses in the glasses need to
a) reflect the light into the eye.
b) absorb the light into the eye.
c) relay the light into the eye.
d) refract the light into the eye.

All of the following are mixtures EXCEPT
a) salt and pepper
b) nuts, raisins, and M&Ms
c) iron filings and salt
d) flour, oil, and eggs mixed and boiled together to make pasta

At what temperature does ice begin to melt?
a) -10 degrees Celsius
b) 0 degrees Celcius
c) 10 degrees Celcius
d) 100 degrees Celcius

About how long does it take the moon to revolve around the Earth and go through all of its phases?
a) a day
b) a month
c) a year
d) a decade

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