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"Repeal" means...
a) To take back or cancel.
b) To make presentable.
c) To refuse to buy products from a company or country.
d) To refuse to obey.

This Son of Liberty wrote news articles in Boston attacking the Stam Act.
a) Patrick Henry
b) John Adams
c) Mercy Otis Warren
d) Samuel Adams

What caused the Stamp Act to be repealed?
a) The Boston Tea Party
b) The Commitee of Correspondence
c) The Sons of Liberty
d) The Stamp Act Congress

Britain then made the American colonists pa a tax on tea, paper, glass, lead, and paint. What was this called?
a) Import Tax
b) Tea Tax
c) Townshend Acts
d) Boycott Acts

"Boycott" means...
a) refuse to buy or do business with a person or group.
b) refuse to pay taxes.
c) refuse to fight.
d) refuse to pass laws.

The Daughters of Liberty and this poet/playwright asked colonial women to give up buying and using tean and other goods from Britain.
a) Patrick Henry
b) Samuel Adams
c) Abigail Adams
d) Mercy Otis Warren

The Boston Massacre was
a) when angry colonists killed 5 British soldiers.
b) when angry colonists taunted British soldiers and the soldiers killed 5 colonists.
c) when angry colonists threw tea into the Boston Harbor.
d) when angry soldiers attacked and killed 5 innocent colonists for no reason.

Because of the Boston Tea Party, England's Parliament made laws that banned town meetings and made colonists feed and house their soldiers called the
a) Townshend Acts.
b) Boycott Acts.
c) Intolerable Acts.
d) Boston Tea Acts.

The Committee of Correspondence
a) sent food and money to help Boston.
b) was formed to unite the colonies.
c) wrote to each other to deep colonits informed of all events.
d) all of the above.

The Boston Tea Party
a) was a group of colonists dressed as Mohawks protesting the tea tax.
b) was a group of Mohawks protesting British rule.
c) was a group of colonists who protested the tea tax by having a giant tea party.
d) was a group of colonists and British who had a tea party to try to resolve their differences.

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