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Wood consists of
a) primary xylem.
b) secondary xylem.
c) primary phloem.
d) secondary phloem.

Primary growth is growth in
a) leaves.
b) roots.
c) length of a stem.
d) width of a stem.

Bark consists of all of the following EXCEPT
a) cork
b) xylem
c) cork cambium
d) phloem

A meristem is
a) a region of undifferentiated cell that can divide rapidly.
b) the site of gas exchange in a woody stem.
c) the site of a leaf attachment.
d) the site of photosynthesis in a plant.

The endodermis of a root functions
a) to store nutrients.
b) give rise to new roots.
c) control what substances pass into the vascular cylinder.
d) protect the root.

The function of the epidermis is
a) support.
b) photosynthesis.
c) storage.
d) protection.

The vascular bundle of monocot stems are
a) in a distinct ring under the epidermis.
b) in the center of the stem.
c) scattered through out the stem.
d) none are correct

Collenchyma tissue is found in
a) mature parts of a plant.
b) young stems and leaf stalks.
c) meristems.
d) parenchyma tissue.

Vascular tissue consists of
a) xylem only
b) phloem only
c) xylem and phloem
d) none are correct

Ground tissues function in
a) photosynthesis and storage.
b) transporting water.
c) transporting nutrients.
d) flowering.

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