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What is liberty?
a) refusal to obey
b) freedom
c) withdrawal
d) betrayal

What did liberty mean to the American colonists?
a) The liberty to help make the laws in England.
b) England would repeal (take back) all the taxes.
c) Freedom to govern themselves.
d) England would allow more freedom in the colonies.

What is tyranny?
a) Cruel and unfair use of power.
b) A kind of dinosaur.
c) Responsible use of power.
d) Allowing different beliefs.

What solution did the British government create to help govern and defend its now larger empire?
a) Tax all English citizens.
b) Tax only the American colonists.
c) Tax all English colonies worldwide.
d) Tax only the Canadian colonists, the losers of the French and Indian War.

Why did the American colonists feel that Parliament and the king were acting like tyrants?
a) Britain had created taxes to help pay for the French and Indian War.
b) The colonies no longer wanted Great Britain to rule them.
c) King George III was a cruel monarch.
d) Britain had created taxes without representation from the American colonies.

What was the Stamp Act of 1765?
a) A tax on stamps.
b) A tax on every newspaper, pamphlet, or legal document.
c) A tax on letters that were mailed.
d) A tax on money.

What Virginia burgess said that anyone who paid the tax was an enemy of Virginia?
a) George Washington
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) Patrick Henry
d) John Adams

What word means a betrayal of one's country by giving help to its enemy?
a) Treason
b) Repeal
c) Rebel
d) Boycott

What word means "refuse to obey those in charge because of different ideas of what is right?
a) Treason
b) Repeal
c) Rebel
d) Boycott

Who were the Sons of Liberty?
a) The sons of patriots.
b) Groups of colonists committed to peace.
c) Groups of English citizens working with the colonists for liberty.
d) Groups of American colonists who organized protests.

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