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The United Nations agency for refugees is known as ...
d) Save the Children

What's the main difference between immigrants and refugees?
a) Refugees have left their home countries because they fear for their lives
b) Refugees are allowed to come back to their home countries as soon as they earn money in the host country
c) All immigrants have left their home country because of persecutions
d) All immigrants are protected by UNHCR

Choose the best answer: Forced displacement is related to ...
a) Refugees
b) Commuters
c) Immigrants
d) The brain drain

Which of the following is not related to migrations?
a) Mortgage
b) New technology
c) Low-cost airlines
d) Persecutions

Which of the following staments about Spain is true?
a) It has evolved from being a country of emigrants to becoming a host country
b) Immigration rates increased dramatically in the 1950s
c) The highest rates of immigration were reached in 2013
d) It was a host country for migrants all over the 20th century

Derogatory term for an immigrant who has crossed the US frontier illegally:
a) Refugee
b) Wetback
c) Human capital flight
d) Hispanic

Which word suits this definition?: Interconnection of countries in all aspects (economic, social, cultural, technological).
a) Inequality
b) Globalization
c) Definitive migration
d) Migratory balance

Brain drain is ...
a) Emigration of well-educated individuals
b) Homesickness
c) Investment in highly-skilled citizens
d) A scholarship for students of the European Union

Which of the following statements about commuting is wrong?
a) It happens on a daily basis
b) It has an effect on traffic flow
c) It reaches workers and students
d) It is a type of migration

Which are four causes for migrations?
a) Economic reasons, wars and conflicts, natural disasters, migrant children
b) Economic reasons, tourism, natural disasters, migrant children
c) Economic reasons, wars and conflicts, increase of remittance, migrant children
d) Economic reasons, wars and conflicts, natural disasters, rural flight

A person who is not considered as a national by any state is ...
a) Stateless
b) Abandoned
c) A refugee
d) An immigrant

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