Social Studies 5 Chapter 3 Test Set B Question Preview (ID: 39035)

Explorers.[print questions]

Which explorer explored the coast of Canada for England?
a) Ponce de Leon
b) Cabot
c) Vespucci
d) Balboa

The continents of the New World were named after this explorer:
a) Magellan
b) Balboa
c) Vespucci
d) Columbus

Which of these explorers was the first to see the Pacific Ocean?
a) Pizarro
b) Balboa
c) Magellan
d) Verazzano

Which of these explorers was the first to set foot on islands that are part of North America?
a) Vespucci
b) Balboa
c) Columbus
d) Cabot

This explorer's expedition was the first to sail around the whole world:
a) Columbus
b) Cabot
c) Magellan
d) Cortes

This explorer sailed up the St. Lawrence river 3 times looking for the Northwest Passage:
a) Verazzano
b) Cartier
c) Cortes
d) Pizarro

Which explorer conquered the Aztec empire?
a) Cortes
b) Pizarro
c) De Soto
d) Magellan

Which explorer conquered the Inca empire?
a) Cartier
b) Cortes
c) Pizarro
d) De Soto

Which of these explorers searched for the Fountain of Youth?
a) De Soto
b) Ponce de Leon
c) Balboa
d) Cabot

Which of these explored the American southeast and was the first to see the Mississippi River?
a) De Soto
b) Cartier
c) Cortes
d) Ponce de Leon

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