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Buddha believed
a) That all life is suffering
b) You should chase after all your dreams
c) YOLO- You only live once
d) Eating vegetables was a sin

The world's oldest known religion is
a) Buddhism
b) Christianity
c) Hinduism
d) Islam

Buddha's name means
a) The Enlightened One
b) The Fat Guy
c) The Skinny One
d) The Wise Man

Muhammad was visited by this Angel
a) Moses
b) Jesus
c) Noah
d) Gabriel

Hindus believe this animal is sacred
a) Antelope
b) Jaguar
c) Cow
d) Eagle

Muhammad gave his followers a set of rules called
a) The Ten Commandments
b) The Five Pillars
c) The Four Noble Truths
d) The Eightfold Path

Every Muslim must take a pilgrimage to Mecca called Hajj
a) At least once in their lifetime
b) Every year
c) 5 times
d) 7 years in a row

Hindus believe in Rebirth which means
a) Reincarnation
b) Karma
c) Dharma
d) Buddha

The most famous temple in India is
a) The Grand Mosque
b) The White House
c) The Taj Mahal
d) Buddha's House

Hindus believe that your good deeds in this life will affect your next life. This is called
a) Reincarnation
b) Buddha
c) Karma
d) Dharma

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