Newton's Laws Of Motion Review Quiz #2 Question Preview (ID: 39028)

Further Review Of Force And Motion Concepts In Preparation For Final Unit Test. 7th Grade Utah SEEd Standards.[print questions]

The law of inertia is another name for which of Newton's Laws
a) First law
b) Second Law
c) Third Law
d) Law of Universal Gravitation

The Law of Acceleration is another name for which of Newton's Laws?
a) Second law
b) First law
c) Third law
d) Law of Gravity

What is the speed of an object in a particular direction?
a) Velocity
b) Acceleration
c) Scalar
d) Speed

Forces that cancel each other out are called _____ forces.
a) Balanced
b) Unbalanced
c) Net
d) Null

Occurs when the net force on an object does not equal zero.
a) Unbalanced force
b) Balanced force
c) Net Force
d) Force of Gravity

Friction always acts _______ the direction of motion of an object.
a) opposite to
b) perpendicular to
c) in the same direction as
d) within

What is the definition for inertia?
a) An object's tendency to resist change in motion
b) A change in the speed or direction of an object
c) The sum total of forces on an object
d) An unbalanced force that opposes motion between two surfaces

A measure of the amount of matter in an object is
a) mass
b) Volume
c) density
d) weight

What is always required to overcome inertia?
a) Two of the above
b) Unbalanced force
c) force of gravity
d) Force of friction

Inertia causes a moving object to
a) keep moving
b) slow down
c) speed up
d) stop moving

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