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what is the Islamic term for life after death?
a) Rouh
b) Akhirah
c) Barzakh
d) Jannah

Everything a Muslim does in their life is called...
a) the test
b) taqwa
c) the record
d) jahannam

barzakh is a....
a) waiting place before the day of judgement
b) place in paradise
c) place in hell
d) belief about the soul

jannah means....
a) shed
b) flower
c) tree
d) garden

how many days are Muslims allowed for mourning?
a) 3
b) 6
c) 5
d) 4

Taqwa is....
a) the bridge you cross to get to paradise
b) the amount of time allowed for mourning
c) an awareness of Allah
d) the soul

The day of Judgement happens at...
a) 2012
b) the end of the world
c) next tuesday
d) the end of the rainbow

bodies of the deceased are washed prior to burial because...
a) they might smell
b) its traditional to do this
c) they want them to be clean
d) it symbolises purity and prepares them for the day of Judgement.

Jannhannam is
a) the bridge over which the resurrected cross
b) the concept of forgiveness
c) the Muslim term for Hell
d) a place of goodness

the way we live on earth determines how we spend eternity, this is called the...
a) Test
b) Exam
c) Essay
d) Assignment

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