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Archaeology And Five Tribes.[print questions]

Remains of a living thing are called
a) Fossils
b) Artifacts
c) Specimens
d) tells

Things made by a living things are called
a) Artifacts
b) Fossils
c) Specimens
d) tells

Cactus Hill is located on the ________ River
a) Nottoway
b) James
c) York
d) Potomac

Cactus Hill is located _____ minutes south of Richmond
a) 45
b) 15
c) 60
d) 30

Some believe Cactus Hill existed between _______________ years ago.
a) 18,000 - 20,000
b) 10,000- 20,000
c) 1000-2000
d) 8,000-10,000

The land bridge believed to be used by early Americans to populate North America was called
a) Beringia
b) Buckley
c) Gibralter
d) Bosphorus

Beringia helps early people travel from ______________ to ______________.
a) Asia - North America
b) Asia - Europe
c) Europe-North America
d) Africa - North America

Scientists that study artifacts, fossils and ancient cultures to determine how ancient people lived are called
a) Archaeologists
b) Paleontologists
c) Anthropologists
d) Dwayne Johnsonologist

All of the following were found in Cactus Hill EXCEPT
a) Dwayne Johnson
b) Clovis points
c) Fossils
d) elevated phosphate levels

The following are major rivers in the US EXCEPT
a) The Amazon
b) The Columbia
c) The Colorado
d) The Ohio

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