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The stages in which a plant or animal develops are called the
a) tadpole
b) adaptation
c) hibernation
d) life cycle

How long does it take the Earth to revolve around the sun?
a) one day
b) one year
c) six months
d) forty-eight days

You are describing an inherited trait when you say that a person's eyes are
a) pretty
b) interesting
c) brown
d) unusual

Which plant trait is inherited from parents?
a) A plant next to a pond grows tall.
b) A houseplant loses leaves when it is knocked over.
c) A tree's leaves use sunlight to convert water and minerals into food.
d) A bush dries up during a drought.

What is the formula for density?
a) length * width
b) meters / seconds
c) mass / volume
d) base * height

Sugar is stirred into a glass of water. The sugar seems to disappear because
a) sugar is the same color as water
b) it is camouflaged
c) refraction blocks us from seeing the sugar in water
d) sugar dissolves into the water creating a solution

Which of the following is an electrical conductor?
a) styrofoam
b) a cotton sock
c) a paper clip
d) an eraser

Waves crash onto a beach and pull some sand from the beach into the ocean. This is an example of
a) weathering
b) erosion
c) deposition
d) plate tectonics

What form of energy is stored in batteries and food?
a) mechanical
b) electrical
c) solar
d) chemical

What two things are needed to create both sedimentary rock and fossil fuels?
a) heat and pressure
b) weathering and erosion
c) wind and waves
d) rotation and revolution

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