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Whish Section tells about groups of animals that help each other build a home?
a) Building Nests
b) Making a burrow
c) Working together

Which animal makes a home called a nest?
a) A beaver
b) A mouse
c) A termite

What does the section called Careful Builders tell about?
a) birds that carefully weave and tie knots
b) homes that fall apart if they are not built with care
c) animals that are careful about where they build homes

Which section tells the reader about a bird's home?
a) Building Nests
b) A Beaver's Home
c) Making a Burrow

Which section helps the reader learn how homes protect animals?
a) Safe at Home
b) Careful Builders
c) Working Together

The beaver floats the log to a pond. There, the beaver builds a lodge. Which word in the sentences above helps the reader know what a lodge is made of?
a) beaver
b) log
c) pond

In A Beaver's Home why is the word lodge in dark type?
a) It is hard to spell
b) It tells something important
c) It is a word that should be read in a loud voice

What is the title of the story?
a) A Beaver's Home
b) Home Improvement
c) Animals Building Homes

Read this sentence... Burrows are holes in the ground where some animals live. Which words in the sentence above help the reader know what burrow means?
a) Burrows are
b) holes in the ground
c) where some

Read these words from the article.... Other animals live in their homes long enough to raise their offspring. Which words in the sentence above help the reader know what offspring means?
a) live in their homes
b) long enough
c) to raise theire

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