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Review Nutrient Facts.[print questions]

What do carbohydrates provide for the body?
a) muscle repair
b) energy
c) fat
d) immunity

What does protein provide for the body?
a) muscle repair
b) energy
c) fat
d) immunity

What do fats provide for the body?
a) protect vital organs
b) regulate body temperature
c) turn to muscle
d) 1 and 2

Healthy fat is...
a) trans fat
b) saturated
c) unsaturated
d) monosacchyride

Fiber helps you...
a) poop
b) retain fluid
c) both
d) none

Water does what for the body?
a) energy
b) makes it gain weight
c) improves eye sight
d) cleanses vital organs

vitamins A, D, E and K are
a) fat soluble
b) water soluble
c) actually minerals
d) only found in over the counter vitamins

vitamins help the body...
a) with energy
b) retain fluid
c) build immunity
d) all of the above

minerals are...
a) elements found in the earth
b) energy capsules
c) sourced highly in vegetables
d) 1 and 3

examples of proteins...
a) vegetables
b) nuts, fish, meat, chicken
c) candy
d) fruit

examples of carbs...
a) grains, breads
b) chicken
c) steak
d) bologna

example of vitamins...
a) grains
b) vegetables
c) none
d) both

example of minerals...
a) vitamin b
b) cellulose in fruit
c) potassium in banana
d) none

how much water should we drink a day?
a) 8 oz
b) 2 cups
c) 1 gallon
d) 1/2 body weight in ounces

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