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FTG - Location, Place, Human-Environment Interaction, Movement, Region.[print questions]

What are the three basic types of economic systems?
a) Mixed, Traditional, Market
b) Command, Communist, Democracy
c) Command, Market, Traditional
d) Democracy, Market, Command

When a country focuses on producing one product or providing one service
a) globalization
b) tariff
c) monopoly
d) specialization

What are the three basic questions that every government must answer about productive resources?
a) What to produce, How to produce it, and For Whom to produce it
b) Command, Market, Traditional
c) Tariffs, Quotas, Embargoes
d) Exports, Imports, Specialization

Depending upon one another to meet certain needs is called ________________.
a) quota
b) interdependence
c) trade
d) embargo

The exact spot on Earth where something can be found using lines of latitude and longitude
a) absolute location
b) relative location
c) pollution
d) region

Where something is on the earth’s surface in comparison to something else using cardinal directions or spacial terms
a) theme
b) absolute location
c) map scale
d) relative location

The beliefs, customs, laws, and ways of living that a group of people share
a) latitude
b) longitude
c) culture
d) replenish

Which term refers to the buying and selling of goods and how those goods get from one place to another?
a) immigration
b) quota
c) tariff
d) trade

Which of the following is an example of air pollution?
a) oil spills
b) landfills
c) factories and cars
d) raw sewage

What are the three ways that humans interact with their environment?
a) Modify, Change, Grow
b) Adapt, Pollute, Modify
c) Modify, Adapt, Depend
d) Clean, Pollute, Change

Which theme in the study of geography explains how goods, people, and ideas get from one place to another?
a) Movement
b) Religion
c) Scarcity
d) Language

This imaginary line divides the earth into northern and southern hemispheres and is located at 0 degrees latitude.
a) Equator
b) Prime Meridian
c) Tropic of Capricorn
d) Tropic of Cancer

Which term refers to the theme that geographers use to group locations together that have features in common?
a) Location
b) Adaptation
c) Region
d) Movement

Which geographical theme focuses on how humans interact with their environment and how their environment interacts with them?
a) Location
b) Human-Environment Interaction
c) Place
d) Movement

Which is an example of absolute location?
a) northwest of Boston, Massachusetts
b) near the Prime Meridian
c) on the border between Pakistan and India
d) 40 degrees south latitude, 20 degrees west longitude

The United States depends on Japan for cars and electronics. Japan in turn depends on the United States and other countries for food and manufactured goods. This is an example of what?
a) globalization
b) transportation
c) pollution
d) interdependence

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