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A cactus grows well in a desert ecosystem because it
a) needs a lot of water
b) gets moisture from the sun
c) cannot store water in its leaves
d) is adapted to dry climates

In the process of making food, plants give off
a) sugar
b) chlorophyll
c) oxygen
d) carbon dioxide

Water drops that collect on a cold glass of lemonade come from
a) the lemonade
b) the glass itself
c) a puddle
d) the air

The energy produced by batteries comes from
a) motion
b) the sun
c) heat
d) chemical reactions

Why is coal classified as a nonrenewable resource?
a) It forms in a cycle.
b) It can be burned.
c) It is easy to make again.
d) It takes millions of years to form.

Which of the following activities is a learned behavior?
a) A gorilla eats plants.
b) A duck swims in a pond.
c) A dog fetches a stick.
d) A cow gives milk.

On Earth, the moon causes changes in
a) erosion
b) tides
c) day and night
d) seasons

When you eat a hamburger, the energy in the hamburger can be traced back to
a) soil
b) the sun
c) water
d) air

What is the easiest way to determine how old a tree is
a) measure its height
b) count its rings
c) count its leaves
d) count its branches

In a science experiment, the answer you predict is called the
a) hypothesis
b) investigation
c) conclusion
d) variable

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