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What is one way the human eye and a telescope are alike?
a) Both can easily see great distances in the solar system.
b) Both have lenses that refract light.
c) Both are parts of the human body.
d) Both can rotate 360 degrees.

Sound is caused by
a) vibrations
b) gases
c) liquids
d) solids

The energy that powers the water cycle comes from
a) inside the Earth
b) the moon
c) outside the solar system
d) the sun

Which is NOT an example of a natural resource?
a) soil
b) water
c) clothing
d) trees

The force that keeps the planets in orbit around the sun is called
a) magnetism
b) gravity
c) power
d) electrical energy

Before starting any science experiment, students should
a) take the materials needed for the experiment out of the lab cabinet
b) plug up the electrical cords needed for the experiment
c) wait for instructions from the teacher
d) take out the snacks they will eat during the experiment

In the science room, all measurements should be metric. Which unit would be used to measure the mass of a small rock?
a) inches
b) pounds
c) centimeters
d) grams

A physical adaptation that helps a duck swim is
a) feathers
b) wings
c) webbed feet
d) a rounded beak

Which organism in the ecosystem is a producer?
a) reptiles
b) amphibians
c) birds
d) green plants

Which gas in the atmosphere condenses to form clouds and rain?
a) oxygen
b) nitrogen
c) carbon dioxide
d) water vapor

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