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A natural cause of pollution is
a) all of the above
b) forest fires
c) vocanoes
d) dust storms

What type pollutants found in ___________ can lead to GI Infections like E Coli.
a) bacteria in food
b) particulates in air
c) lead in water
d) pesticides in food

Air pollution is a major problem caused by burning fuels in all of the following but
a) nuclear sites
b) power plant
c) factories
d) vehicles

Why are organophosphate fertilizers used?
a) they break down quickly
b) they are cheaper
c) they are banned
d) they are not toxic

75% of diseases are transmitted through
a) water
b) food
c) soil
d) air

An emerging virus is
a) relatively new
b) deadly
c) no curable
d) combination of two other viruses

A small particle that can get into air sacs of lungs is called
a) particulate
b) dust
c) atom
d) cancer

Toxicology is the study of the harmful effects of
a) substances on organisms
b) antibiotics on environment
c) pollutants are environment
d) viruses on organisms

The town of Hinkley had been exposed to
a) chromium 6
b) lead 3
c) lead
d) chromium 3

An estimate of the probablitity of negative effect caused by a substance is
a) risk assesment
c) hypothesis
d) dose-response curve

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