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– Data passed to a function. In the following line of code, 100 is a ____________: turtle- forward(100).
a) parameter
b) function
c) sprite
d) algorithm

Something that happens outside a program (like a screen tap or mouse click) that the program can respond to.
a) event
b) app
c) index
d) string

Also known as an array in other programming languages. A group of objects, all of the same variable type, that can be referenced as a single variable.
a) collection
b) variable
c) event
d) index

A numerical value that corresponds to an element in a collection or table. Index values start at zero, so the first element in an array has an index value of 0.
a) index
b) collection
c) variable
d) string

A notation resembling a simplified programming language, used in program design.
a) pseudocode
b) variable
c) index
d) event

A visual, frame-by-frame plan for a program or project. Often contains sketches and descriptions that tell the story of a game or project.
a) storyboard
b) app
c) string
d) collection

A graphical representation of a computer program in relation to its sequence of functions (as distinct from the data it processes).
a) flowchart
b) event
c) collection
d) pseudocode

Also known as an if/then or if/then/else statement. A programming construct used for making decisions within a program.
a) conditional statement
b) variable
c) index
d) computer program

A storage container for data.
a) variable
b) loop
c) string
d) event

A variable whose value is stored in the cloud.
a) cloud variable
b) event
c) item
d) app

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