CH. 2 REVIEW.[print questions]

What kinds of minerals can be identified by the acid test?
a) minerals that contain phosphorous
b) minerals that are dense
c) minerals that contain calcium carbonate
d) minerals that have hardness

Density equals _____________________________
a) mass x volume
b) weight x volume
c) weight /volume
d) mass/volume

Two minerals used by the human body are calcium and ________
a) ore
b) gypsum
c) phosphorous
d) diamond

The tendency of some minerals to split along smooth, flat surfaces called planes is called _____________
a) crystal
b) cleavage
c) fracture
d) hardness

The process by which a liquid changes into a gas is called ______________
a) precipitation
b) evaporation
c) crystallization
d) hydrolyzation

The softest mineral on Mohs' hardness scale is ________________
a) feldspar
b) quartz
c) diamond
d) talc

Bodies of water often contain minerals that are ________________
a) supercooled
b) precipitation
c) dissolved
d) solutions

Moh's scale is used to compare a mineral's ____________________
a) luster
b) hardness
c) streak
d) color

Observable characteristics of an element are called its ______________
a) physical properties
b) magnetism
c) relativism
d) relatability

A solid substance with its atoms arranged in a regular 3-D pattern is called a(n)
a) chemical formula
b) rock
c) crystal
d) element

Mixture in which the particles of one substance are evenly mixed with the particles of another substance
a) precipitation
b) solution
c) evaporation
d) crystallization

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