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CHAPTER 2 REVIEW.[print questions]

How a mineral's surface reflects light is called _________________
a) streak
b) hardness
c) luster
d) color

Gold is both an element and a ___________________
a) particle
b) compound
c) mineral
d) gas

Quartz, SIO2 is made up mostly of oxygen and _____________
a) silver
b) sodium
c) silicon
d) calcite

How does a molecule of carbon monoxide differ from a molecule of carbon dioxide?
a) different number of carbon atoms
b) different number of hydrogen atoms
c) different number of oxygen atoms
d) one is a solid, the other is a gas

Water is H2O. How many hydrogen atoms are in water?
a) one
b) two
c) three
d) none

Subscrips are written
a) in Spanish
b) slightly above the line
c) in scientific notation
d) slightly below the line

A chemical symbol stands for one _______________ of an element.
a) molecule
b) atom
c) formula
d) compound

About 3/4 of Earth's crust is made up of oxygen and
a) potassium
b) silicon
c) iron
d) calcium

The smallest part of a substance that has all the properties of that substance is called
a) a compound
b) an atom
c) a molecule
d) an element

How many known elements are there currently?
a) 115
b) 100
c) 120
d) 118

In what form are most elements at room temperature?
a) liquid
b) solid
c) gas
d) chemical

Chemical symbols are shorthand for
a) molecules
b) compounds
c) the name of the element
d) chemical formulas

Calcite, CaCO3, has _____________ atom(s) of calcium for every three atoms oxygen.
a) one
b) two
c) three
d) four

What property allows one mineral to scratch another
a) streak
b) luster
c) color
d) hardness

The amount of matter in a given volume is called
a) mass
b) compound
c) density
d) element

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