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A Review Of Class For Energy, Work, And Power.[print questions]

Kinetic energy is defined as...
a) working energy
b) Stored energy
c) acting energy
d) none of the above

Potential energy is defined as
a) working energy
b) stored energy
c) Heat energy
d) all of the above

Jasmine runs a 400 m dash with a force of 50 N. How much work was done?
a) 2000 watts
b) 2000 cm
c) 2000 j
d) 1000 j

Billy pushed a sled 53 m with a force of 20 N. How much work was done?
a) 1060 j
b) 1000 j
c) 1025 j
d) 50 j

It took 30 seconds for Elias to do work of 50 j on a barbell. How much power was applied?
a) 1500 watts
b) 50 watts
c) 70 watts
d) 1250 watts

Bill did work on a sled at 50 j, it took him 12 s. How much power was applied?
a) 400 watts
b) 600 watts
c) 200 watts
d) 5 watts

power is defined as
a) energy
b) How quickly work can be done.
c) power
d) Amount of force over a given distance.

Work is only done if the force or part of the force acts in the same direction as the motion of an object.
a) True
b) False

If you apply a force and the object does not move, are you doing work?
a) yes
b) no
c) maybe
d) so

work is defined as
a) the use of force to move an object over a distance
b) work
c) amount of time it takes to move something

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