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Review: How did God appear to Moses the first time?
a) As a powerful storm
b) As an Angel of the Lord
c) As a burning bush
d) As a dove

Review: How did Joshua win the battle of Jericho
a) His men fought for 3 days straight
b) God brought the walls down
c) The soldiers at Jericho refused to fight
d) Joshua gave his soldiers a new, powerful weapon.

Review: How did Moses's sister save him?
a) Pleaded with pharaoh.
b) Hid him under the bed.
c) Ran away as fast as she could
d) Put him in a basket in the river

After his plan was exposed, who received Haman's property?
a) Xerxes
b) Haggai
c) Vashti
d) Esther

Why did Esther hesitate (at first) to see the king?
a) She didn't know where to find him.
b) She did not feel she was worthy of seeing the king.
c) She did not have an invitation.
d) She had forgotten his name.

What did Haman convince Xerxes to do?
a) Kill every Jewish person
b) Give Haman more money
c) Give Haman free meals
d) No longer allow Esther to be queen.

Why did Haman get angry with Mordecai?
a) Mordecai wouldn't bow to him
b) Mordecai was spreading rumors about Haman
c) Mordecai stole his lunch money
d) Mordecai had more money than Haman

Who was king during the time of Esther?
a) Abraham
b) Xerxes
c) Timothy
d) Elijah

Mordecai was Esther's
a) father
b) uncle
c) brother
d) cousin

What reason did Mordecai give for all of the Jews being worried?
a) The king issued a decree to kill all Jews
b) They were being forced to move.
c) The king had increased their taxes
d) Their leader had died

Review: How did God convince pharaoh to free the Jews?
a) Plagues
b) Pharaoh was a nice guy
c) Moses asked nicely
d) The Jews paid the Egyptians

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