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About how long did it take Columbus and his crew to cross the Atlantic?
a) Two and a half years
b) About one year, thirty-six days
c) One week
d) Approximately two months, nine days

What are the names of the ships Columbus used in his first voyage?
a) Pinta, Corte, Vamute
b) The Niña, Pinta, and Santa María
c) Lamita, Nina, Santa Maria
d) None of the above

How did Columbus get the king and queen of Spain to pay for his expedition?
a) He told them he would be a slave for the rest of his life when he gets back.
b) He bribed them by giving them his lands in order to use their ships.
c) He convinced them that he could find a cheaper and quicker way to the Indies.

What was one possible reason the Europeans wanted to go to the Indies?
a) To bring gifts to other countries. Because Europeans were very giving.
b) The Indies were rich in gold, spices, and other goods. The Europeans wanted these riches.

A ______ is a large farm with workers who live on the land they work.
a) colony
b) missionary
c) society
d) plantation

An _____ is a large peice of land, usually given to its owners by the King of Spain.
a) country
b) state
c) none of the above
d) encomienda

The _____ is the movement of people, animals, plants, diseases, and ways of life between Eastern Hemisphere and Western Hemisphere.
a) colony
b) Columbian Exchange
c) Taino
d) Voyage

A ______ is a person who lives in a colony.
a) colonist
b) community helper
c) Taino
d) none of the above

A ________ is a settlement far from the country that rules it.
a) town
b) voyage
c) native
d) colony

A ______ is a Spanish conqueror.
a) King
b) navigator
c) conquistador
d) none of the above

A _____ is a friend who will help in a fight.
a) enemy
b) ally
c) acquaintance
d) none of the above

A _______ is the capture of taking of something by force.
a) surrender
b) forfeit
c) endure
d) conquest

A ______ is a journey made for a special purpose.
a) expedition
b) conquest
c) endure
d) ally

A ______ is a group of people forming a community.
a) society
b) slavery
c) gang
d) none of the above

A ____ is a religious settlement where a missionary group lives and works.
a) colony
b) mission
c) Catholic Church
d) None of the above

To _____ means to change.
a) discard
b) stagnate
c) convert
d) endure

What is the name of the place historians believe Columbus reached first?
a) Hawaii
b) Florida
c) Alaska
d) Bahama Islands

Why did Columbus lead more expeditions to the Americas, bringing with him people, animals, and other supplies?
a) Gifts for the Taino
b) Spanish wanted to get rid of people because they were overpopulated.
c) All of the above
d) The Spanish wanted to find riches and start a colony that would bring profits.

How did the Columbian Exchange change the lives of the people involved?
a) Both the Europeans and the Taino experienced new foods and animals.
b) The Taino were exposed to germs their bodies could not fight, and many of them died.
c) The settlers forced the Taino to give up their religious beliefs and their way of life.
d) All of the above

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