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What is the best piece of evidence to support that Sully was a competent sailor?
a) Scoot thought he was a good teacher
b) He'd been around boats for most of his life
c) He'd borrowed the boat from a family friend
d) He thought the Sea Dog was the best in her category

What character traits can you infer about Scoot from the story ''Rouge Wave'' that will help her survive the accident?
a) She trusts her brother
b) She is athletic and determined
c) She knows boats
d) She is pretty

Which word best describes Sully's feelings while he was diving repeatedly, trying to free Scoot?
a) confused
b) resentful
c) confident
d) frustrated

Which piece of evidence best supports the idea that Jordan's parents understood the risks involved in helping Jordan reach his goal?
a) ''We've always taught him to just think big and we'll try to make it happen'' (14).
b) ''Jordan's feat as the youngest person to reach 'the top of the world' was publicized around the world'' (14).
c) ''Paul Romero claims that he is fully aware of the risks'' (15).
d) ''He's inviting young people to join him in climbing the highest peak in each state'' (16).

The central idea of the article ''Finding Your Everest'' is that
a) There is much controversy about Jordan Romero attempting to climb the seven summits.
b) Mountain climbing is a challenging sport.
c) Parents should always support their children in reaching their goals.
d) Jordan Romero is a good mountain climber.

Which evidence shows the bias in the article ''Parents of Rescued Teenage Sailor Abby Sunderland Accused of Risking Her Life?''
a) ''The yacht...is likely to be allowed to sink'' (20).
b) ''It has caused a debate on the wisdom of such young sailors making dramatic and dangerous journeys'' (21).
c) ''Abby Sunderland was on the wrong type of boat...Other than those minor details...''
d) ''But the family have robustly defended themselves'' (22).

What do you think the author of the editorial ''Ship of Fools'' thought of the Sunderland family's decisions?
a) She is supportive of their choices.
b) She is undecided about their choices.
c) She is following their choices.
d) She is negative about their choices.

What is the most likely reason the author of ''Ship of Fools'' cites examples and facts about other similar situations?
a) To support her own opinions
b) To show that one set of parents is better than the others
c) To illustrate Abby's new book
d) To give support to the new idea of a TV show

It is logical to conclude that the author of the editorial ''Ship of Fools'' would
a) never allow her daughter to sail around the world alone.
b) promote teenage adventures.
c) support Jordan Romero's charity.
d) love to take an adventure.

Why do the producers of the TV interview about Abby Sunderland include video of her preparing for her trip?
a) To show that she was unprepared.
b) To illustrate her relationship with her family.
c) To advertise the TV show they are making.
d) To illustrate Abby's knowledge of sailing and maturity.

Myth show people
a) the risks associated with challenging the gods
b) an explanation for the mysteries of the world
c) supernatural and unusual powers
d) all of the above

A theme of a story is
a) a message about life that can be inferred from the story
b) the plot or series of events in a story
c) the characters in a story
d) a description of the setting of the story

A possible theme for the myth ''The Flight of Icarus'' is
a) Reach for the stars
b) Don't use wax to make your wings
c) Daedalus and Icarus wanted to get off the island
d) Don't soar too high or try to be like the gods--know your place.

In the myth ''Arachne'', you can infer that Arachne was
a) haughty and proud
b) humble and quiet
c) studious and serious
d) respectful and spiritual

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