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One complaint of Martin Luther was the practice of the church selling Indulgences,  which is
a) priests buying worldly goods
b) the rich buying church positions
c) the Pope selling Vatican property
d) the forgiveness of sins for money

Conflict was caused by Church corruption and the widespread selling of 
a) indulgences
b) commodities
c) metals
d) land

Henry VIII sought a separation from the Catholic Church because —
a) he wanted to annul his marriage to his first wife
b) he wanted to execute his second wife
c) he personally disliked the Pope
d) he wished to be the head of the Protestant Reformation

Faith, Bible, Equality
a) Calvin
b) Luther
c) WElizabeth I
d) Henry VII

Martin Luther sparked the Reformation by —
a) preaching throughout Europe
b) executing Catholic priests
c) posting his Ninety Five Theses
d) raising an army against the church

Tolerance, Anglican Church, Spanish Armada, Colonialism
a) Henry VIII
b) Elizabeth I
c) Luther
d) Calvin

One of John Calvin's most controversial beliefs was 
a) reincarnation
b) indulgences
c) 7 sacrements
d) predestination

Which belief was NOT introduced by John Calvin?
a) work ethic
b) predestination
c) all men are equal
d) faith revealed by a righteous life

In 1534, the English Parliament passed the Act of Supremacy which gave Henry VIII  what title?
a) Emperor of Great Britain
b) Head of the Church of England
c) Defender of the Catholic Faith
d) Supreme Commander of all Catholic Forces

All of the following are reasons some Europeans challenged the authority of the  Catholic Church EXCEPT —
a) northern Europeans dislike of Italian dominance within church
b) the church's constant demand for crusades to recapture the Holy Land
c) European merchants dislike of the church's view on usery
d) church corruption was widespread

One of the main tenets of Martin Luther's teachings was 
a) salvation through faith
b) pope as supreme leader
c) Bible is not usable
d) indulgences are useful

Merchants challenged the Catholic Church’s view of —
a) usury
b) piety
c) service
d) land

During the Reformation period, German and English nobility disliked the domination  of the Church by the —
a) Spanish
b) French
c) Greeks
d) Italians

The spread of Martin Luther’s views led to the establishment of
a) Judaism
b) Catholicism
c) Protestantism
d) Mormonism

John Calvin’s ideas led to the 
a) birth of Italian Renaissance
b) formation of the Anglican Church
c) expansion of the Protestant Movement
d) beginning of the Catholic Reformation

Which idea is most associated with John Calvin?
a) ultimate authority is the Bible
b) all people are equal to God
c) salvation based on faith
d) fate is predestined

Predestination, faith reveleaed by a good life, strong work ethic
a) Luther
b) Calvin
c) Henry VII
d) Elizabeth I

Luther, Calvin , and Henry VIII all
a) created the 95 Thesis
b) promoted predestination
c) expressed dissatisfaction with the church
d) made a national English Church

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