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Which region of Kentucky would you find well known landforms like Natural Bridge and Cumberland Falls?
a) Eastern Mountain Coal Field
b) Pennyroyal
c) Bluegrass
d) Knobs

In the Eastern Coal Fields what is a major job opportunities?
a) farming
b) mining
c) teaching
d) gaming

This region has the most people living in it, including cities like Lexington and Louisville
a) Bluegrass
b) Jackson Purchase
c) Knobs
d) Western Mountain Coal Field

This region is the most northern region and includes Crossroads Elementary
a) Jackson Purchase
b) Eastern Coal Field
c) Knobs
d) Bluegrass

The Knobs is the _________ region.
a) largest
b) least populated
c) hottest
d) smallest

What type of landform is smaller than a mountain but larger than a hill?
a) knob
b) plateau
c) butte
d) river

This COOL national park is found in the Pennyroyal
a) Great Smokey Mountains
b) Mammoth Cave
c) Yellowstone
d) Kirst Kottage

What type of crop is widely grown in the Jackson Purchase?
a) tobacco
b) cotton
c) pumpkins
d) corn

Name a river that borders the Jackson Purchase.
a) Mississippi
b) Colorado
c) Licking
d) Bermuda

This region is found in the middle of the Kentucky and is the largest of them all.
a) Western Coal Field
b) Bluegrass
c) Eastern Coal Field
d) Pennyroyal

This region is known for surface mining and farming.
a) Western Coal Fields
b) Bluegrass
c) Knobs
d) Pennyroyal

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