Review For The Ace's Phone Question Preview (ID: 38884)


An empty space
a) void
b) clustered
c) torrent
d) clamor

mournful or sad
a) doleful
b) clustered
c) torrent
d) clamor

to persuade
a) coaxed
b) torrent
c) clamor
d) doleful

What does the word transplant mean in this sentence. The gardener had to transplant his tomato plant from his house to the garden
a) To move from one place to another
b) to move inside
c) To throw it away
d) To move to another state

What does the word deactivate mean in the sentence? The man had to deactivate the alarm before he could enter the building.
a) To turn it off
b) to turn it back on
c) press a button
d) open the door

Where does the story take place?
a) in a city
b) in a country unlike ours
c) in an animal shelter
d) in a crowded apartment

What is the first important event that happens in the story?
a) Martin finds a phone and dials 5
b) Mrs. DeSalvio meets him in the park
c) Martin practices his skating
d) Martin finds a dog in an apartment

what would be the best way to describe Martin?
a) determined and responsible
b) cowardly but sincere
c) frightened and lost
d) imaginative

Which is an example of alliteration?
a) Jolt of Joy
b) pang of fear
c) he felt something
d) he neared the picnic tables

Which phrase shows distress or sadness?
a) The stone in his chest felt like a load of bricks now
b) Jolt of Joy
c) He felt excited for the first time
d) He went toward the jungle gym

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